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Photoshop How-To: New Tri-Range Frequency Separation Action

Whether you believe that the approach is obsolete, amazing, or simply useful, the frequency divide still persists in the photography industry and has been for many years. Here’s how I used a new method that increases control over all three main categories: High, Mids, and Chimes.
Trying to break the frequency and the true methods have been used for years, it is lightweight, controversial. If you have spent any real time through the frequency separation in your finishing, then you have probably determined what you like and do not like about the method, and you probably want to remove those limits Has developed simple tasks around the techniques that you constantly encounter. To me, the opposite was a common issue, so I discussed it so that I can make it easier for me on the contrary (especially when working in a hurry under the time limit stress). So when it is arrogant to think that I have created a super useful and fresh way to separate the frequency, I will let you become a judge

Wait, What’s Frequency Separation Again?
But before that, we normally refresh ourselves when the frequency Separation. Speaking roughly, there are two different ways to differentiate the frequency:

Modify the high and low-frequency layers directly, clean the scars on the high and smoothen the color transition on the following
To paint the skin color to smooth the infection, use empty layers between high and low-frequency layers (this method assumes that you have completed your dexterity with treatment and burnt before the frequency separates is.
I use the latter method almost exclusively, I think it gives me more control in general, and since I dodge and burn my theory as a technique to prove the skin, then the frequency is different. Is the last polish that can be used only when needed

If you have read this point, but so far the frequency is not the remote idea of separation, then for many explanations and approaches about it sneak a peek at Fstoppers.

I’m a control bizarre, so what’s next?
But what about more control? A few weeks before the amortization a couple of weeks ago, I was thinking that I can control my frequency differently “painting” more accurately and quickly. After some experimentation, I decided that a decent aspect to control would be three big categories: low, mid and high. After a few minutes, I prepared a three-row masking action for Photoshop (free download link), allowing you to control the total mask control of the painting work, which separates your frequency divided into three main categories in the photo frequency. is. For a six-minute explanation, check out the video above to see how I use it occasionally. Please keep in mind, this action is hardly a master solution of all things, so use it to see if you can get results together and ultimately decide what is best to use in your workflow (if absolutely).

This action is the perfect complement to Photoshop for my Freakscape control plug-in, but you can be reprogrammed to work with any frequency separation setup already used.

Download the Action here.


Screen-Shot-2015-12-01-at-12.19.51This is the subject of discussion since the beginning of digital photography. Am I shooting in Raw? What is raw Raw actually does not stand for anything, as its name suggests, it refers to the raw data emerging from the camera. The important difference is that raw files are uncompressed and untouched, while JPEG file formats are compressed and edited within the camera itself. Raw files capture data using the whole camera sensor and then the image output because it is also moving forward to larger file sizes. JPEG files usually output at lower quality because the camera processes the information, adds color and then compresses it to everyone in the final image

Raw files are very worthless unless you plan to edit them later. They are meant to be as elaborate and flat as possible, so all you can change as you like. With JPEG files, you can use them as soon as they are exported from the camera because they have already been edited, if you have a RAW file then the color and exposure level can be very difficult. .

Editing JPEG files is considered as destructive editing, due to the fact that you are overlaying the previous information that has been overwritten with new information. With RAW files, the original data is not actually being edited. You are going through the process of exporting raw data manually to JPEG, that the camera will usually use automatically, having raw files will give you much more potential and flexibility in editing that you have with the JPEG file Will happen.

It is not right or wrong to come in the file format to use it. It depends on how much you want to work in images and how happy you are. File size, I told it briefly earlier and this is one of the reasons that some may choose to use one on each other since there is no compression with raw files, so size is much higher than JPEG files. However, if you are serious about photography, you should choose quality and detail every time you save space. Think about it, with RAW files, you can convert them to JPEG at any time but you can not do it in another way.

Why Product Photography is Important for your Business

Building an e-commerce store has really become a viable way of starting a business. With the development of technology, anyone can buy anything with the push of a button on their smartphones such as Amazon or eBay. This is not necessary for a customer to go to the shop to buy a product physically. However, due to the small startup cost, compared to a physical store on High Street, the market is very competitive.product photo

When a new customer searches for your product, maybe you went through hundreds of other online stores before, they will decide very quickly based on their first impression. Although website design and branding need to be attractive, at the end of the day, they only work as support for your product. The main point of focus will be how you display your products through photography.

Taking images on a smartphone to shoot professional photos can cost a lot, but you will surely see the difference in your sales. Renting a professional photographer will save you time and money that you have spent buying and learning about the technical aspects of the DSLR camera, lighting and then software for photo editing.

Lighting and finishing are the key aspects of taking good product photos for your business. Photographer’s work is not finished after a click of a button Product Photos which are bad lights or pixelated, they can be seen very soon and this will harm your brand’s credibility and quality of the products. Hence having images that are bright, clean and crisp will allow customers to see the product effectively. This fact needs to be changed so that they can not physically see the product in the shop.

If you are thinking of starting an online business or already about an existing one and you think you need to update your images, contact your local product photographer and see that you are with each other How can I work.

Do I need to Retouch my Images?

12The short answer is yes. You have gone through an attempt to set up Photoshoot for your product that it will be as good as it is possible. So why leave the last step? Improving photography is the most comprehensive part of the process and requires expert knowledge to complete it.

It can be very time consuming, finishing can take an image for a few hours for a few hours, however, make sure that whatever you did to reduce the time spent in post-production, did it. is. Before you shoot, small things like dust cleaning your product can save you half an hour, also make sure that you have the right type of light so that your product can be well stopped so that you spend hours improving exposure. Do not.

There are many different types of software for finishing. The possibility of any professional photographer will be the shooting of JPG instead of RAW when it comes to editing levels, it gives more flexibility. Raw photos come a bit thick and look a bit flat and they require specific software to process photos. Some examples are Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

If you do not have enough time to learn how to improve images, then outsource it in the same way as you can with a professional photographer. Unless you want to hire a professional photographer (which most of them want), then you can not afford to leave finishing. Effective photography will sell your products and services very fast with poorly executed imagery. To keep such photos that look incomplete or flat, it will harm the brand which has worked so hard to create.

Clipping Path service

We have Clipped Path on digital photos. In the picture industry, high-quality photo task needs high-quality Clipping Path work, which is also called outline, knock-out, silo, masking…..etc.New05


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