Clipping Path service

We have Clipped Path on digital photos. In the picture industry, high-quality photo task needs high-quality Clipping Path work, which is also called outline, knock-out, silo, masking…..etc.New05


We have a Clipped path with high quality, maiden turnaround time, and at the low rate. We do Clipping Path every day! If you are a graphic designer tasking for catalogs, books, web design, brochures, logos we can help. You do the creative task, let us do this tedious job for you!

We are a flexible, low-expense and the hard-working service team to assist graphic designers path-masking method in graphic design and catalog masking projects. Our rate is based on $15 per hour tasking wages. No rush fee! Every photo is unique, please contact our free quote.

Our team is trained to support you and supply the worry-free hand-drawn path work on digital photos. Our business has more than 8 years experience focusing on Clipping Path and we have completed tens of thousands of all type photos, from complex jewelry, models, industrial, furniture, large helicopters…. to native United feather decorations, electric fans, brushes, line arts, bicycles, cars, hairs……..  it!

We are confident about our quality and maiden pace service. Many of our customers give our product shots late afternoon for even call us at night, we will give the Clipping Path back to them the next day. Our clients are amazed by our task, the highest quality, and fastest turnaround as always!

You send our digital photos and our paths for you. It is just that simple! Both mark and PC files are welcome and we have our FTP server to help your digital0 picture transmission.

Download our path samples and open by Photoshop@ to check our quality. Contact us for our unbelievable low rate!

If you cannot find the information you need on our website, please contact us together with your questions or comments. Our Customer Service Representatives are ready to assist you.


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