Clipping path united has been in the online outsourcing industry providing pre-press graphic design, Logo design, In Design and Quark service, Web design, clipping path, Image masking, and similar Image manipulation work with high quality and fast delivery time. We are full-service online outsourcing company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As one of the emerging firms in the online industry, we have the people, technology, and direction to help you 50% to 70% save your money and time…

As one of the emerging firms in the online industry, the company works with DTP firms, photo studios, In-house marketing teams, graphic design firms, web-stores and individual commercial photographers. We strive to build the long-term relationship with our clients by being customers oriented and providing our clients with the highest degree of service and flexibility.


For us, Quality is not a geographical term. We exist because of our customers. We continuously strive to understand clients needs, provide the best solutions and build a long-term mutually beneficial partnership. Our most important tenet is that we are a firm that delivers what we promise.

TECHNICAL: Upload and download via the web interface and desktop Our solution runs as an independent web-based application. The web-based solution takes advantage of upload and downloads via the web browser and tracks job invoice, which is handled by the user. You can also upload your images by FTP software after signup with our web application.


Currently, we have 60 people who are trained within the clipping path united and have no formal IT certificate. We emphasize on training up who have no profile and educational background. We create spark among the hapless and helpless.

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