Photo Editing Service

Why Photo Editing and Image Editing Service are A Necessity
Shooting images is easy. However, the most vital part often involves the editing part later the shooting. For many professional photographers, post processing, photo or image editing has become a necessity. They may have shot good images yes, but they still need to make them great. It is at this point that photo editing system is applied.Masking Sample_1 copy
Photo or image editing is a broad term that includes enhancements that makes a raw image more precious and attractive. This is a normal, yet complicated system that is carried out in a studio utilizing software such as Photoshop or GIMP which supports multiple features which are useful in image editing.
Enhancement and Retouching
Photo editing is a good process that eliminates defects and undesirable strangers from digital pictures. Since such pictures are used for e-commerce; making attractive, posters, catalogs and advertising, it has a multi strangers use across industries. Photo editing service has become essential.
The editing professionals must use the right software in order to goal desirable results. There are several kinds of software that have been improved for professional editors. They have new features are included with them so as to make them operate better. Image editing software has become an essential part of the daily post processing task.
Photo Editing Service is intended to give you an entire remove or enhancement of photos. Our photo or image editing service includes removal of flaws, enhancement of image quality, reduction of size or blemishes, restoration of hazy purposes, alteration of background color and retouching together others. In normal language, we will do whatever is necessary to attain your desired results and layer of quality. We will try to give your pictures a skill look so that it can be utilized for websites, magazines, calendars and any other media that require photos.
Do you have photos that you expect to use in any industry or factory such as Publishing, Advertising and Modelling? Do you have old images which you need to preserve but require retouching? Our professional experts propose Photo or Image Editing Service and will maintain any of your image editing needs professionally.
The following are among the most popular photo or image editing jobs we do:
* We change dirt, spots, marks, scratches, creases, tears, and stains from photos
* Do color correction adjustment for photos or images or pictures
* Enhance the light and sharpness of the image
* Change the photos’ color, background, and tone
* Merge or mix several photos in one frame, make special group images
Or graphic designer performers at United Clippig Path providing image editing service use the latest image change tools and methods that supply superb results. Our occasional, highly experienced and dedicated Graphic Designers possess exceptional creativity and artistic abilities that enable them to supply unrivaled and fantastic image enhancements. Some of the exceptional masterpieces we had created have been as a result of pure imagination. The results that we have achieved are normally terrific.
If you require Photo or image editing service, all you have to do is send us your photo with short instructions of what you want to be done. We are available 24/7. You are welcome to contact us for any further data or clarification.


Photoshop Image Masking Service

Photoshop Image or Photo Masking Service is mostly utilized for creating material catalogs. Photoshop Masking is utilized together Clipping Path system to knockout the background of complex photo to be placed for advertisement display in e-commerce website or image manipulation. Photoshop Masking is further useful when clipping path or vector alone is not applicable on fur (fur masking), hair (hair masking), or semi transparent or translucent photos like feathers, glasses, smoke, highlights, flames, lighting, chiffon & muslin, etc.Masking00 copy
Color performers International (CEI) supplies very high quality Photoshop Image Masking and photo Outlining outsourcing service online. The brilliant graphic designers do Color/Correction Masking Services, which involves various Masking Clipping Path for color change, animation, correction, and other utilities, with utmost perfection.
Utilities and profits of Photoshop Image Masking Service:
* Remove or knockout background with gradient transparencies from photos
* Create transparent without distorting the translucency
* Remove background colors from photos from translucent photos
* Create ads. Magazine covers and lot of other items with models
* Allow dropping shadows of desired photo to task smoothly with fine edges
* Cut out or isolates desired photo without the embedded background 9in glass)
* Remove or use a customized background
* Allow masking for hair, semi-transparent chiffon or muslin
* Save complex slot selection with the photo for later use
Items or materials photo that requires the Photoshop Image Masking Service
* Models & human photos with raising and flying hairs (hair masking),
* Translucent strangers like: glass, lightning, smoke, highlights, etc.
* Natural items (trees, flowers, landscapes, etc.),
* Animals by raising hairs (e.g. Lion masks),
* Fine-edge jewelries and more.
Color experts international (CEI) propose Clipping path or Photoshop Image Masking Service in the following categories:
Alpha Channel Masking
Photoshop Transparency masking
Photoshop Collage Masking
Advanced or Complex Level (hair & Fur) Masking
Photoshop Translucent Image Masking
Color Experts International (CEI) proposes a minimal service charge from its customers offering high quality Photoshop Masking (Hair masks) Service. It will take a minimum of $ 5- $ 30 per picture, depending on the volume of tasks done as per demand. For material, photos taken in-group shot, it will expense you $15 – $30, but the rates are decided after our graphic experts revise the files sent by our customers.

Photo Retouching Service

Photo or Image Retouching Service At United Clipping Company
There are many because why you should choose United Clipping Path for the photo or image retouching services. This company is the best desktop publishing company together a well trained staff that is professional in retouching. It has a team of computer geeks who love their task and will end at nothing to ensure that they give you a high quality task you will be satisfied together. They are veterans who are committed to ensuring that you are satisfied together the results of their task.Photo Retouching & Restoration Service2 copy
Photo retouching requires excellent photo manipulation. This is one of the zones in which United clipping path excels in. It has a team of qualified personnel who are experienced in digital photo fixing and image restoration. Since the company has a college that specializes in the manipulation and retouching, you can be guaranteed quality services in a short span of time.
The motto of the company is to leave our clients satisfied and happy. This is why we perfect in your schedule and supplier your task as scheduled to make your task easier. We task with many clients and it is our priority task to learn together with you. Among the customers we have tasked with include, photographers, models, web designers and agencies.If you are looking for quality retouching services, you need to let us do your task and give you a top quality piece of task.
We are aware that all of us desire to look beautiful; however, not all of us are blessed together flawless skin and a smile that we expect the world to see. This is why we propose photo retouching services utilizing the best photo or image retouching software and tools. This is a chance to turn your ordinary images into portraits that have been done by a professional. United Clipping Path propose better photo or image retouching programs that have the best features that will make your pictures exciting.
The photo or image retouching software we utilize can remove some parts of the face, slim faces, whiten the teeth and eliminate wrinkles by smoothing and softening them out. When it comes to removing your face, we use tools such as photo spot removal, coloring and skin toning to sure that we give you the best results. If your face necessary to be reconstructed, we promise to have this done utilizing our advanced tools and systems.
After completing the image retouching exercise, we shall send the photos to you so that you can review them and suggest what you expect included or excluded before we carry out the final edit. If you don’t desire to have removed made, we make slight adjustments by viewing the photos from all angles, including side to side so as to make the picture beautiful regardless of the side from which it’s viewed.
If you have images that you expect retouched quickly, do not hesitate to contact us. Give us a chance to demonstrate to you how skill we are in the photo or image retouching. Gets the best photo retouching services at rates you can afford?

Neck Joint Service

The neck joint services on photos are mainly done for the garments items. Even though the task itself may seem normal, Clipping Path United has created a separate department comprising of highly skilled neck joint specialist who edits the photos with high quality. Clipping Path United has a business reputation of being one of the best graphics firm for the pictures that require neck joining at the cheapest price as United is known for its huge garments sector and many of our customers prefer us for their services.Nick Joined copy

The Neck joint is required, for example, in a photo of a shirt, taken from the front while it is hanging and then again when it is inside out. The two photos separately, do not show the full picture of the shirt. The Neck joint is done to get a more perfect view of the shirt as at all. In the world of photo editing, neck, joints has become a very common job. Normally a neck joint includes tasks of path, selection and then it is all a matter of the final perfecting touches. A path of the front view of the clothing is first made together the pen tool. Then the neck portion of the turned out part of the clothing is taken out by the path and determined. It’s placed in the part of the clothing where it should be. The cut out piece is then warped and transformed to the accurate size to give the look of the all things being an accurate whole. The final touches are made to give the whole photo a more realistic look. This includes applying required shadows. Later this, a final path is made of the all things is put with and we get an image of the clothing as one would see in real life as if they have it in their hands.
Need a quotation for Neck Joint Services?
If you are looking for a quotation for your photos, the team at Clipping Path United is always ready. One of the services we supply for our new as well as existing customers is accommodate all quotations within an hour. Just request a free quote now and get the rate within one hour or even less, it is that normal. We guarantee that you’ll get the best competitive rate for your photos from Clipping path United.
If you need a rate quote of Neck Joint service from Clipping Path United, just click here and submit your inquiry to us together with your requirements. We’ll get back to you within 1 hours together the competitive rate quotation. Please note that various clipping path service rates are calculated keeping in mind, the quantity of the photos, the required turnaround time as well as the layer of complexity. The rate quotes are also not static, meaning the more you order the lesser the rate for each element becomes.

Image masking Service

Often times, Photoshop’s clipping paths will leave photos together edges that are too sharp and too much explain lost (particularly together hair and clothing) and will be not perfectible for studio portrait pictures. This is where our masking services come into play.
What Is an Image or photo Mask?clippingpath
Masks are powerful features of Photoshop that allow users to select strangers and zones in a photo for editing and manipulation, composition or for removal and placement into other photos. Masks allow users to perfectly identify products of a picture that seem not possible to select, such as unevenly focused outlines, hair, clothing strands and chain link fences. Level masks are a fast way to create a subtle blend between two photos, such as a blend between a model and a plan white background.
What Are Alpha Channels?
An Alpha channel store selected zones of a photo as 8-bit gray scale photos in the Photoshop channels palette (channels are the way Photoshop stores color information and data). Thus, creating an alpha channel is a way of selecting a zone of a picture based on color. Alpha channels are most commonly utilized to store and remove selection outlines. They let the utilize, enhance part of a composition without having to redo all their tasks. Alpha channels are utilized extensively in creating graphics.
When Masks and Alpha Channels Are Useful
As said before, since masking preserves many more explains than clipping paths do and create much smoother and soft, edges, masks are much better for portraits, model photography or any other photos which involve people.

Clipping Path United

Clipping Path as the visual appeal of an image is the cornerstone of its success, publishing the better graphics is usually done with the help of an experienced team. Especially team when using difficult manipulation techniques, such as Clipping Path, tasking with trained professionals will ensure that a photograph encompasses not only the customer target but their story as well. Since this technique involves the removal of a photos background, one might suspect that the work is a breeze. However, making confirm each clipping Path in an image is fixed correctly is far from simple and should all times be done by skilled is designers to be effective.clipping path united Continue reading Clipping Path United

Clipping Path Service

Generally Photoshop Clipping Path service is asked as; cut to separate any defined subject from the background of a photo to replace in any desired branches, as we cut picture to keep separate from a magazine page for every cause.

Color Correction3 copy
clipping path united

In elaboration, it is to say that, clipping path service is such an effective process in what cut to separate one or more subjects from a pitcher is done by Photoshop to change on the new background. This is also called Photoshop background removal Service.

This all procedure is done by pen tool of Photoshop. Some online free auto software even some tools of Photoshop can Remove background from a picture, but, the delicate Image cut out be done. Our in -house professional graphic designers do the Photoshop Clipping Path Service job by 100% hand art with the pen tool in Photoshop to accomplish the job with accuracy.

Basically, we divide the Clipping Path services into four sections and divide the starting price as far picture complexity:

* Medium Clipping Path service, as: Clotho, furniture, sun glass, instrument,

* Upper complex clipping Path service, as: Bicycle, Christmas tree, stone necklace multi path motor bike

* Simple Clipping Path service, as: mug, ball, pen, toy, umbrella and

* Complex Clipping Path service, as: a full man with detailed, jewelry, net-cage

Generally photo editing procedure in Photoshop is clipping Path. Image editing services are such a little services what start with the clipping path, therefor those services are below as under Clipping Path service, as: in variable-color Path/image colorization service/ color path service.

Highest quality at lowest price

Customer satisfaction, keeping in mind us in-house professional graphic designers together their experience and excellent accomplish the quality maintained every online photo editor service, and our experienced quality maintenance cheek the quality in different three methods.

Since our production house is conditioned in Bangladesh territory with a low labor expense advantage we are able to control before mentioned qualities accomplishments to the customers.


We are capturing of doing any Photoshop graphic editing service on any from photos, JPG, JPGE, PNG, PSD, TIFF, etc. great news for professional photographers, we accept CR2 raw format file and according to demand we have done the photo editing job and supplier the output as demand format.

According to customers demand we supply the output in different format and with different layers as;

  * Clipping Path with transparent background (CPTB),

 * Clipping Path with white background (CPWB),

 * Clipping Path transparent background with other any colored layers.   


Clipping Path service

Clipping Path is a technique of selecting and separating any particular portion of a photo. That may be the material itself. Generally this service is used to remove the background of any picture so that you can add your preferred background to them. The Clipping Path will be used for changing the background, masking background into white or transparent (without background), and various Clipping Path or color correction. The entire job is done manually utilizing Photoshop Pen Tool and not automated tools. That is why the results comes the good along with the least anchor points which results into a flawless background changeable. We have a very strong production facility that allows us to create Clipping Paths of photos with a very low expense and shorter turnaround. If you have a high volume of pictures to be tasked on this is the accurate place for you. Enjoy them getting done overnight with special offers!

Nick joint copy
clipping path


Clipping Path is one of the most valuable services in the photos industry. Though there has many software or automated program which will help you to get rid of the unexpected parts of pictures. The magic wand is one of such a tool from Adobe Photoshop which will create automated paths around the edges. It’s quick but the quality will never reach, the better in this way. Random parts of the background will still be visible in place and the final result will not be professional in any system.

If you want the best quality and flawless Clipping Paths, then manually operated pen tool is the better answer to it. The accuracy of the pen tool cannot be achieved by any gained by any automated software.

The only requirements of the utilizing pen tool are it requires  a good deal of time and a lot of patience. It needs a lot of time and skilled, fast graphic designers who will patiently task hard on the photos to complete each and every section of the photo with the pen tool within the shortest time limit. Fortunately, we are able to deliver your 100% hand-made Clipping Path, controlling the fastest turnaround and of course with a fraction of expenses regardless of their quantity. Hands made Clipping path are one of the most important factors if you expect to make a good display of your pictures.

We propose the same accuracy, turnaround, quality and low expense for everyone. If you have a big web shop owner who expects to get them done in bulk, then Clipping Path United is a great place for it. You will receive our special bulk offer as well. If you want them few members, no worries, you will still get the  same attention and best quality from our designers. Please, you can test our job quality.


Clipping Path United

Photoshop clipping Path & Photo Cut Out Service


What is Clipping Path?

Clipping Path is a closed vector path, or shape, usually withdraw with a Photoshop pen tool to cut out a photo of it is background. When Clipping path is included and everything outside the is vanished. Use of Clipping Path in the image gallery has increased dramatically in the previous few years. Cause the result of cutting out an image from background using Photoshop clipping path is the ever better process in terms of quality. There may have some other option in Photoshop to drop out the background, but they are not used while considering best quality output. A Clipping Path not only can be applied to the kind of photo that had proper edge, it can also be applied to the smooth edges.

Photo Retouching & Restoration Service2 copy
clipping path


Compound clipping Path

In the photo industry, a Compound Path result from the combination of multiple paths for various products, or various colors within a single photo. It is normally used for color correction and background fall down purposes.

How we draw the Path

To ensure quality Clipping Path, Clipping Path United draws all paths manually using only Photoshop pen task. Once drawing a path is finished with an image, we apply clipping path on it so that when you zone it in your layout, e.g. in InDesing, it will show only the portion which had inside the path. Everything outside will be vanished and you can use whatever background color you want. We also give you photos in PSD or TIFF format with a separate transparent background layer if you badly need so.

Who needs Clipping Path service?

In today’s world, many individuals and factories need Clipping Path service. Specially who are involved within photography, advertising, designing and printing industries. For example, a catalog company usually uses hundreds of photos in their catalog and they are most likely to remove that background of their product images before they place them into the layout.

Similarly, a web development company needs to publish images on the website where they need to use clipping Path to fall out background. We are closely working together individual photographers, catalog company, graphic design houses, web developers, photo studios, magazine companies, newspapers, printing press, advertising agency, etc.

How we guarantee 100% accuracy Clipping Path

With Clipping Path United, all DTP professionals are trained in Photoshop and illustrator, basically in Clipping Path & masking and has several years of work experience in the field. Most of our designers also studied at the Graphic Arts Institute, the only government organization in Bangladesh that teaches printing technology and graphic design. They who are clipping Path job only; for example, we do not get them involved in the other site like retouching or editing to ensure that they are more qualified at what they are doing, To ensure keep our quality always at the top, we do not employ any new designer who did not have any work experience in the past and or any best training. Since we are expending our business, we have a training institute where a group of enough, we get him involved in the production. We also have triple checked quality control system. Maiden of all, we have got team leaders who look after the DTP professionals on how they are working, whether or not they are in the correct path. Upon completion, we have a quality controller who checks all photo one by one and finally goes to DTP in-charge who check for the final time uploading to the client.